FEATURED ATHLETE: IFBB Elite Bikini Pro Karina Gavrikova.

The beautiful IFBB Elite Bikini Pro Karina Gavrikova has had a fantastic 2018 competition season.

Karina is one of the most consistent athletes in the IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro League. She has competed consistently all through the 2018 season.

2018 is a special year for Karina as she took the jump into the IFBB Elite Pro ranks. Some would shy away from such a task, but Karina took the challenge and had some great results for her first year in the pro ranks.

Where are you from?
I was born in a small village in the Far East of Russia – this is where I grew up. In 2009, I moved to Hungary – the country where I discovered an incredible world of bodybuilding.

How was the 2018 competition season?
2018 started in Malta with IFBB Diamond Cup Malta – first win of the year. I did 6 shows in Amateur league this year and earned my IFBB Elite Pro Card by winning Overall in IFBB Diamond Cup Serbia in May. Two weeks after that, it was already time for my Pro Debut in IFBB Elite Madrid Pro – my very first Pro show where I placed in Top 3.

What happened after that was simply beyond any expectations – I received an invitation to compete in Arnold Classic Europe Pro and qualified to compete in the very first IFBB Elite Pro World Championship. Looking at all this now I am simply very grateful for all the amazing opportunities I had during this year!

Elite Pro League competition history:

IFBB Elite Pro Madrid – Bronze
IFBB Elite Pro Austria – 7th
IFBB Elite Arnold Classic Pro – 11th
IFBB Elite Nordic Pro – 13th
IFBB Elite Pro Russia – 8th
IFBB Elite Pro China – Top 10
IFBB Elite Pro World Championship – Top 10

What do you expect from 2019 season?
Honestly, I’d like to focus on setting up an intention rather than an expectation. I’d like to learn from everything that the next season will bring and stay open to whatever comes, to enjoy the process and to stay excited along the way. It is important for me because being an Athlete, I learnt how to grind and push hard towards my goals day after day – discipline became my second nature. And sometimes I can be so focused on the end result that I find myself on a self-imposed lockdown from the world around me. The direction for 2019 is to stay open and enjoy the process whatever comes along the way.

How often do you train?
5 times a week – this is my typical workout week. If any changes needed, I adjust along the way.

 What is your favorite body part to train?
From the very first day I stepped into the gym my favorite day was a leg day. But if I want to break it down to the body parts – then I would say gluteus and quads.

How do you like spending your free time?
Uh, this is not what I have a lot of! So I am very selective when I finally have some time off. Usually I would do something that would speak to me the most at this particular moment of my life – sometimes it can be spending time with my friends, or simply having rest.

Favorite cheat meal?
I know most of the people will not even call a cheat meal – but this is exactly what I usually go for after a competition: grilled salmon with grilled vegetables. I also loooove sushi! And 4-cheese-pizza. From sweets: tiramisu, chocolate lava cake, salted caramel – these are my current Top 3.

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