Nathan De Asha fined lockdown

Nathan De Asha fined for keeping gym open during second lockdown.

Pro bodybuilder Nathan De Asha is determined to fight for his rights as he keeps his gym opened during Liverpool’s second lockdown.

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A number of police officers made a visit to Nathan’s gym, the Prophecy Performance Centre.

Immediately when the police officers arrived, De Asha explained valid reasons why he has stayed open, even though he is technically breaking the law.

The officers fined De Asha £1000 and warned him, they are going to return every hour and continue to fine him.

The police officers also threatened to fine all the people using the facilities as they enetered a gym during a lockdown.

As Nathan De Asha is fighting his battle in the UK, Tony Doherty is gaining a lot of momentum in Australia with his campaign to re-open gyms.

Doherty has been getting a lot of media coverage on all major news channels on TV and social media.

Nathan De Asha and Tony Doherty are insisting that gyms have to be opened not just for physical exercise, but for mental health.

Nathan made a valid point “As a business we financially can’t afford to close,” he said. “We here at the gym have 22 employees. A lot of these guys go hand to mouth every day anyway. So closing, these guys could go homeless, could lose their mortgages, could lose their cars, could lose everything. I have 22 potential suicides that we have on our hands.”

Not only employees, but numerous people that attend the gym have no family or friends, the gym is the only thing they have.

With the gyms closed, these people will be at home alone during one of the most depressing ever due to Covid-19. The mental pressure could lead to numerous suicides.

Nathan De Asha goes on to explain all of the precautions they put in place to stay in accordance to safety guidelines, while also detailing the mental health benefits to going to the gym. This is certainly a tough situation for him, and his choice to accept the consequences is admirable. Hopefully it does not get to the point where he is arrested, as we have seen in the past.

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Please share this to everyone you can. Government and media need to see it. We have provided them with everything they asked for and more. A bigger and better Covid safe plan than any other state in Australia. Yet still we were left with no answers, no direction and no encouragement. There are so many industries that have been ignored. Mental health, well-being and community connection has all been ignored. As Victorians, we have done everything they asked. We stayed home, closed our businesses, wore facemasks and were unable to see our family and friends. I have 2 unconditional yet simple demands. 1. Open regional Gym’s now. There is no logical reason for them to be closed. 2. Allow Melbourne gyms to be open on the same day that hospitality and retail open. I am here every gym goer that has been denied the right to workout. For every owner and trainer that has been forced to shut down. We can’t stop and won’t stop fighting for our community that has been denied the right to workout.

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