olympia weekend nascar campaign

Olympia Weekend meets Nascar – Advertising campaign to reach millions.

Since 2018, Dan Solomon took over the reigns of the Olympia Weekend and he has taken the event to new new levels.

It has not been a easy first two years for Solomon and his team as everything that was not suppose to happen… happened.

From having the 2018 Mr. Olympia suspended by his former employer to working through a crisis such as covid-19, Nothing has been easy.

But not all is lost, Solomon has worked silently with the owner Jake Wood and his colleagues.

We are now getting accustomed to Dan’s small teaser on his social media and then a few days or weeks later, the big news is revealed.

From new a venue, athlete invites, super stars attending the shows and now Nascar.

Yes, you read it correctly… NASCAR.

Nascar is a sport that is very popular in the USA with approximately 120-125 million viewers in 2019. These stats are just for the USA and not including the rest of the world.

With such numbers, any marketing campaign will benefit from such a worldwide viewership.

So what does Dan Solomon and his Olympia Weekend marketing team do? they make a agreement with AP Sports Regim and driver Caesar Bacarella and slap the Joe Weider Olympia Weekend Logo on the car.

Practically covering a quarter of the car, the Olympia brand will have the best exposure in its 56 year history.

Dan explained the news on his official social media:

“Artist rendering of the official OLYMPIA NASCAR vehicle set to race on October 3rd on NBC. – Great working with the team at AP SPORTS REGIMEN and driver CAESAR BACARELLA to make this happen. The #90 Olympia car makes its debut at the world famous Talladega Speedway.” – Dan Solomon

As it looks, this is only the beginning for Dan Solomon and the Olympia brand as he has taken the saying “think outside of the box” to a new level.