Regan Grimes arms Zane

Regan Grimes blasts arms the Zane way.

Nothing is better than watching a brutal workout raw and uncut.

Zane Watson does not cut corners as he puts Regan Grimes through a brutal arm workout.

This video is different than others as the viewer can concentrate on the actual workout. No loud or other distractions are in this video.

This 25 minute workout is all you need to add size to your arms.

Regan is pushed to the limit in one of the best arm training videos to be published in recent years.

Zane and Regan will be publishing more great training videos in the near future.

The Full Workout Routine

12 Minutes Triceps everything to failure
1. Smith Close Grip 2 drops
2. Tricep Pushdown Straight bar 3 drops
3. DB Overhead Extensions
4. Dips one set to failure
5. DB Kickbacks 3 drops

12 minutes Biceps everything to failure
1. Barbel Preacher Curls 3 drops
2. Incline DB Alternating curls 3 drops
3. Spider Curls Barbell 2 drops
4. DB Standing Alternating Curls 2 drops
4. Drag Curls no drop just failure