Olympia Weekend not promoted enough - Jay Cutler

Olympia Weekend not promoted enough – Jay Cutler

David Bourlet recently interviewed 4X Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and some important points were made during the interview.

In the beginning on the interview, for the first time Jay Cutler officially announced that he is retired from bodybuilding. Cutler emphasized he will continue working in the industry as he is already, but stepping on the stage in out of the question for the moment.

When asked if he would ever compete again, even though he said he is retired, Cutler said that if they promoted the event more, he might think about it.

Cutler is not blaming the promoters as he knows they have to work with a budget as well. But Cutler is right in saying nobody knows about the biggest bodybuilding event in the world until it’s too late.

Pushing the Olympia weekend, two weeks before the show is not enough to get people interested.

Hearing what Jay Cutler said about the sport brings up a number of other problems that need to be solved to make the sport more popular.

The Olympia promoters would help a lot if they sent out some press releases every couple of weeks for the bodybuilding and fitness websites to publish and keep all the readers updated. An official profile on each athlete would be great, especially for the athletes that are not well known.

Even video promo that is copyright free for websites to use to promote the sport would be great. As we all know what happens if recent Olympia footage is used on any videos published on Facebook or YouTube. It will immediately be removed.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net has always offered professional athletes FREE features to promote themselves or the sport. Emails are sent, messages on Facebook and whatever else to try to contact them.

Bodybuilding is already a sport that is hardly promoted and we are offering all this, and the funny thing is that you don’t even get an answer.

Some expect to get paid to feature them. But we are giving the athlete free promotion and the athlete can promote whatever he or she likes in that space. Why should we pay the athlete to promote them? We are not making money from your sponsors (unless they are already a sponsor)!! It’s free promo for you and them.

As well another problem is that athletes are signing exclusive contracts with certain websites or magazines that do not let them talk to other media. This is also keeping the sport hidden. These athletes then are never seen, other than the occasional interview or article on these sites or magazines.

We never see  a number of athletes during the year. Everybody is hidden away from the media. Some IFBB Pro’s are very active on social media and that is great. This goes back to our story of why automatic qualification should be discontinued.

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The athletes also have to be friendlier when you see them at shows, especially at the athletes meeting or at an expo. For example last year at one of the IFBB Pro shows, a number of IFBB Pro’s turned their face when we went to go talk to them, or they just ignore you. This is ridiculous, and to be fair some of them are not the elite, they barely have sponsors. We are trying to give you promo by asking a couple of questions, and they think they are larger than the sport and just walk away. They are losing in the long run as they will not be seen.

So the problem about promoting the Olympia Weekend is not coming from the promoters only but the athletes are not helping out either.

Hopefully in the near future, the Pro athletes notice that we are here to promote the sport and not kill it. A couple of questions is not going to kill anybody.