Controversial Mr. Olympia winners list

Controversial Mr. Olympia winners list

The Mr. Olympia is the Holy Grail of bodybuilding competitions. Every bodybuilder dreams of lifting the Sandow trophy.

In the past 52 Mr. Olympia competitions, only 13 competitors have had the honor to lift this trophy. Some winning just one, some six and ultimately eight, the most ever won.

The Mr. Olympia is not without controversy as other competitions. The sport depends on the judges sitting in from of the competitors to make the final decision. Most of the time, the winner is the right person, but there have been a number of occasions when the winner should have not been the one selected. is going to do something a little bit controversial. We are going to list what we think the list would have looked like if the controversial victory was reversed.

As you will see, there would have been more than 13 winners in the last 52 years. We believe Victor Martinez, Kai Greene, Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray, Nasser El Sonbaty and Danny Padilla all should have been winners. We also picked Chris Dickerson for winning the controversial 1980 Mr. Olympia and Danny Padilla to win the other controversial 1981 Mr. Olympia.

Chris Dickerson and Kevin Levrone would have been a double winners.

Coleman would have been a five-time winner as Jay Cuter would have been a three-time winner losing one of the Sandow trophies to Victor Martinez.

Kai Greene should have taken one away from Phil Heath… It is a shame this rivalry ended.

Lee Haney would have been the only eight-time winner… even though Lee Labrada came close to dethroning him in Italy, Lee Haney’s greater size was the winning edge in that competition.

1965: Larry Scott

1966: Larry Scott

1967: Sergio Oliva

1968: Sergio Oliva

1969: Sergio Oliva

1970: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1971: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1972: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1973: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1974: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1975: Arnold Schwarzenegger

1976: Franco Columbu

1977: Frank Zane

1978: Frank Zane

1979: Frank Zane

1980: Chris Dickerson

1981: Danny Padilla

1982: Chris Dickerson

1983: Samir Bannout

1984: Lee Haney

1985: Lee Haney

1986: Lee Haney

1987: Lee Haney

1988: Lee Haney

1989: Lee Haney

1990: Lee Haney

1991: Lee Haney

1992: Dorian Yates

1993: Dorian Yates

1994: Dorian Yates

1995: Dorian Yates

1996: Shawn Ray

1997: Nasser El Sonbaty

1998: Ronnie Coleman

1999: Ronnie Coleman

2000: Kevin Levrone

2001: Jay Cutler

2002: Kevin Levrone

2003: Ronnie Coleman

2004: Ronnie Coleman

2005: Ronnie Coleman

2006: Jay Cutler

2007: Victor Martinez

2008: Dexter Jackson

2009: Jay Cutler

2010: Jay Cutler

2011: Phil Heath

2012: Phil Heath

2013: Phil Heath

2014: Kai Greene

2015: Phil Heath

2016: Phil Heath