Branch Warren Martin Fitzwater

RAW and UNCUT – Branch Warren & Martin Fitzwater blast shoulders.

Martin Fitzwater trains shoulders with his idol, Branch Warren at Gym One in Austin, Texas.

Pro bodybuilder Martin Fitzwater’s dream came true when he had the opportunity to train with bodybuilding legend, Branch Warren.

At 46, Branch Warren showed that he is still the king of hardcore workouts. Martin impressed with his ability to keep up with the veteran bodybuilder.

Branch was excited to train with Martin, “I have been curious what it would be like to train with my 20 year old self.”

The non stop pace paired with blood volume and do more or die trying approach to training, is what created physiques like Branch, Johnnie, Ronnie, and even 80’s era train insane advocates like Tom Platz sported the same hard earned and freaky look.

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