regan zane leg workout

Regan Grimes and Zane Watson – Mass Building Leg Workout.

The new insane leg workout by IFBB PRO Regan Grimes and Zane Watson!

Regan and Zane are back giving their fans another sneak peek into their hardcore workouts.

As with their previous workouts, these are raw with no distracting music in the background.

Currently 11 days out from the IFBB Spain pro! If you are looking to grow give this Quads and Hamstrings workout a try!

This workout is all out intensity! NO music, Just hard RAW Training!

The Full Workout Routine

ONE GIANT SET no breaks just however long it takes to get tot he next machine – Everything to failure!
1. Back Extensions ( not on video )
2. Back Extensions with a 45lb Plate
3. Barbell Stiff Leg Deads with deficit
4. Lying Leg Curls
5. Seated Leg Curls
6. Leg Extensions
7. Barbell Squats
8. Hack Squats