Schwarzenegger's son

Schwarzenegger’s son has the genetics to be a great bodybuilder.

Joseph Baena, the son of bodybuilding legend and 7X Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger looks to want to follow in his fathers footsteps.

In his latest post on Instagram, Joseph published a photo of himself that he took in 2018 with the caption In this pic, a year ago I was just under 185lbs (83kg), I decided I wanted to pursue bodybuilding”.

Comments from fans and friends encouraged the young athlete to follow in his fathers footsteps and step on a bodybuilding stage.

Joseph, surely has the same genetics of his father. With the right guidance, this kid can easily be a champion bodybuilder.

On many occasions, Arnold has spent a lot of time with his some at Golds Gym, Venice.

It is great to see Joseph following the sport that gave so much to his father.