Shawn Rhoden charged rape

Shawn Rhoden Rape Charges: Legal details revealed… Statement of accuser.

Legal documents in relation to the charges against 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden for rape have been made public.

The documents recount in detail the incident as it happened between Shawn Rhoden and the accuser.

The legal documents are what possible made AMI’s David Pecker decide to suspend Shawn Rhoden immediately after the news was made public.

Below are the legal details and as well the detailed explanation from the accuser.

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Legal Details

The State of Utah vs. Shawn Rhoden, DOB 04-02-1975,
4463 Nueces Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93110

In the third district court, West Jordan Department

Screened by T. Langdon Fisher
Assigned to: Brian J. Williams

DAO# 19011929
Bail: $750,000.00

The undersigned Melissa Crandell, Sandy City Police department, Agenecy Case # SY18-47816, upon a written declaration states on information and belief that the defendant, Shawn Rhoden, committed the crimes of:

Count 1 – Rape, 76-5-402 UCA, First Degree Felony, as follows: that on or about October 12, 2018, in Salt Lake City, State of Utah, the defendant did have sexual intercourse with another person without the victim’s consent.

Count 2 – Object Rape, 796-5-402.2 UCA, First Degree Felony, as follows: That on or about October 12, 2018, in Salt Lake County, State of Utah, the defendant did, without the victim’s consent, cause the penetration, however slight, of the genital or anal opening of another person who was 14 years of age or older, by any foreign object, substance, instrument, or device, including a part of the human body other than the mouth or genitals, with intent to cause substantial emotional or bodily pain to the victim or with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person.

Count 3 – Forcible Sexual Abuse, 766-5-404 UCAm Secibd Degree Felony, as follows: That on or about October 12, 2018, in Salt Lake County, State of Utah, the defendant did, where the victim was 14 years of age or older, touch the anus, buttocks, pubic area, or any part of the genetials of another, or touch the breasts of a female, or otherwise took indecent liberties with another, with intent to cause substantial emotional or bodily pain to any person or with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person, without the consent of the other, regardless of the sex or any participant.

This information is based on evidence obtained from the following witnesses. Melissa Crandell, Trey Brimhall, L.K.H., L. Janssens and S. Madsen. Declaration of Probable Cause – Your declarant bases this information upon the following

The Statement

The statement of competitive female bodybuilder, L.K.H., that on or about October 12, 2018, she, along with a photographer with whom she had just completed a photo session, went to visit her bodybuilding mentor and colleague, Shawn Rhoden, in room 249 of the Marriott Courtyard Hotel located at 10701 South Holiday Park Driver, Salt Lake County. Rhoden was visiting Utah from California. The photographer stayed in the lobby while L.K.H. went to the room. After L.K.H. went into the room, Rhoden started kissing her. He pushed his groin against L.K.H. and she could feel that his penis was erect.

She asked him to stop repeatedly and tried to push him away. The kissing progressed to Rhoden lifting L.K.H.’s shirt, exposing her breasts. Rhoden began sucking on L.K.H’s breasts and nipples; she tried to pull her shirt down and continued telling him to stop.

Rhoden bent L.K.H. over the bed, face down and pulled her pants down. L.K.H. continued yelling Rhoden to stop and said she didn’t want to do “this”. Rhoden flipped L.K.H. over on her back and pulled his penis out of his pants. L.K.H. was scared because Rhoden is much bigger and stronger than she is and he was easily overpowering her. Rhoden placed the tip of his penis in L.K.H.’s vagina and put his fingers in her vagina. L.K.H. told Rhoden that she needed to go downstairs or else her photographer would know “something was up”. Rhoden let her leave and L.K.H. contacted her husband and the police.

The statement of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Susan Madsen, that she conducted a sexual assault examination on L.K.H. and observed a laceration on L.K.H.’s genitals that was tender and stinging.

The statement of L. Janssens from the Utah State Crime Lab that a DNA sample obtained from L.K.H.’s breast was a match to a known DNA sample belonging to Rhoden.

Request for Issuance of a Warrant

The State hereby requests that the Court issue a Warrant of Arrest in this matter for the following reasons(s): due to the nature of the offense and because the defendant resides in California, a warrant is necessary to protect the victim, the community and to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court.

Executed on 07-10-19 by Melissa Crandell, Declarant
Authorized for presentment and filing, Sim Gill, District Attorney

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