shawn rhoden ifbb pro card

Shawn Rhoden is currently not a member of the IFBB Professional League. published a story on the 5 October, 2019 confirming that 2018 Mr. Olympia winner Shawn Rhoden has not renewed his IFBB Pro status.

Every IFBB Professional athlete knows that they have to pay their yearly membership fee of approximately $250 to compete in the IFBB Professional League.

Immediately after published the article, a number of readers and even Pro League athletes slammed this website for publishing such news, calling it ‘fake news’ or ‘click-bait’.

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For some reason a number of people misinterpreted the article and believed Shawn Rhoden could not afford to pay his $250 fee. This is far from truth.

Just before the 2019 Olympia, AMI had to make a difficult decision and not let Shawn Rhoden defend his title at the 2019 Mr. Olympia due to his rape allegations.

In the meantime, Shawn Rhoden did not renew his yearly membership fee to be part of the IFBB Professional League.

At the time of publishing this article, technically this means that Shawn Rhoden is not part of the IFBB Professional League and can’t compete at any event sanctioned by the IFBB Professional League.

According to sources close to, even when Shawn Rhoden tried to renew his pro status, it was refused.

This means, Rhoden cannot compete at any IFBB Professional League contest, including the 2020 Arnold Classic.’s Roger Lockridge reached out to the Arnold Sports Festival for a comment on the report of Brent Lalonde of the Arnold Sports Festival sent this exclusive comment to in regard to that, as well as Rhoden’s legal situation.

“We do not know anything about the status of Shawn’s pro card. However, he will receive an invite to compete in the 2020 Arnold Classic if his legal matters are resolved before the contest.” – Brent Lalonde

Basically, Shawn Rhoden is out of the 2020 Arnold Classic until his legal matters are solved and it looks like the IFBB Professional League is following the same decision.

With all this information, still was receiving negative comments and even was suddenly banned from for publishing this article on its forum.

It seems a number of people refuse to believe certain news items that are relevant to the industry.

Bob Cicherillo, who is very close to all the IFBB Professional athletes and as well can be considered as the Athletes Representative confirmed Shawn Rhoden’s status on Muscular Development’s forum.

Bob said “The failure to renew his pro card for the season was not the reason he was denied the Olympia stage. The Olympia reserves the right to make the call they did as per the contract.

Its a separate piece that he didn’t renew his card. As of right now, Rhoden is not a member of the Pro League.

I hope he’s able to get this situation put to rest soon, we all want to see him on stage.

All I know is currently, Shawn Rhoden not a member, I would think he has bigger fish to fry right now.” will continue to follow Shawn Rhoden’s situation and keep it’s readers updated.