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Bodybuilders breakfast with Sergio Oliva Jr. and Chris Cormier

Bodybuilders breakfast with Sergio Oliva Jr. and Chris Cormier. Join Sergio Oliva Jr. for breakfast as he explains his daily diet routine. While Sergio is preparing...

The 1991 NPC Nationals – Bodybuilding’s greatest amateur event

The 1991 NPC Nationals - Bodybuilding's greatest amateur event. Evolutionofbodybuilding.net loves to look back at bodybuilding's greatest competitions. One competition stands out from the rest......

Bodybuilding and Fitness world react to Kobe Bryant’s death

Bodybuilding and Fitness world react to Kobe Bryant's death. No matter what sport discipline you participate in as an amateur or pro, there is a...

FILM REVIEW: ‘Chris Cormier – I Am The Real Deal’ is...

Chris Cormier - I Am The Real Deal, is a film made for the true bodybuilder. The film touches every aspect of Chris Cormier's life...

Chris Cormier and Samir Bannout in heated debate over Big Ramy

Chris Cormier vs Samir Bannout Mr Olympia Samir Bannout has been very vocal on the state of bodybuilding in the last couple of years and...

Chris Cormier making sure Big Ramy is ready for the Olympia

Chris Cormier - Big Ramy team IFBB Chris Cormier is known to be one of the best trainers in the bodybuilding industry. With a great history...

Trained by the ‘Real Deal’ Chris Cormier – Zach Farmer

From a young age Zach’s parents instilled the basic fundamentals he has used to this day: discipline, hard work, and consistency. Zach have always...

Looking back: The best of the 2001 Ironman

Bodybuilding is a sport (or whatever you want to call it) that evolves just as any other sport does, but on the the stage...

Trained by the ‘Real Deal’ Chris Cormier – Robert Saurer Jr

Our next athlete featured in the popular series 'Trained by the Real Deal Chris Cormier' is Robert Saurer Jr. Name: Robert Saurer Jr  Born October 1,1974 Robert...

Trained by the ‘Real Deal’ Chris Cormier – Steven Preza

Steven Preza Age 42 Nationality - Filipino / Japanese Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Married to Elaine Preza for 10 years. Currently residing in Hawaii. Representing the bodybuilding...
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