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EXCLUSIVE: Finally, The truth behind why Shawn Rhoden cannot compete!

Finally, the truth behind why Shawn Rhoden cannot compete! If you have not heard about the Shawn Rhoden saga, you surely have been living under...

Bostin Loyd slams the NPC on amount of IFBB Pro cards...

Bostin Loyd slams the NPC on amount of IFBB Pro cards awarded. Bostin Loyd is not one to keep his mouth shut on controversial issues,...

Has it become easier to win an IFBB Pro and qualify...

IFBB Pro Card In the past couple of weeks, big changes have occurred in the bodybuilding world if you compete in the IFBB. If you have...

History is made!! Sergio Oliva Jr. wins his IFBB Pro Card!!

Following in his legendary fathers footsteps, Sergio Oliva Jr. has won his IFBB Pro Card at the 2015 NPC Nationals. Muscular Development's Peter McGough sits...

Bodybuilding contest without bodybuilding!!

In the last couple of years the fitness, bikini and physique categories have practically dominated the bodybuilding scene. This is good for the sport as...
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