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Phil Heath calls out Kai Greene

Phil Heath vs Kai Greene again? Last week, reigning Mr. Olympia Phil Heath apparently called out Kai Greene to put pen to paper and accept...

Kai Greene offered special invite to compete at the 2017 Mr....

Kai Greene 2017 Olympia Invite IFBB Pro League President, Jim Manion, offers Kai a special Olympia invite In a recent interview with Peter McGough on Flex...

WATCH: A look back at the 2016 Arnold Classic Australia

A look back 2016 Arnold Classic Australia 2016. We take a look back at the prejudging of the 2016 Arnold Classic Australia. Kai Greene continued to...

Serious health problems for George Farah according to reports

IFBB Pro and bodybuilding guru George Farah is reported to have stage 4 colon cancer according to reports on various forums including Muscular Development. George...

WATCH: Dexter Jackson gives valuable advice to Kai Greene

In the latest video from Generation Iron, Dexter Jackson and Kai Greene finally manage to do a light training session together. The highlight of this...

Book your tickets now for Generation Iron 2 and SAVE!!

Book your tickets now and save 33% with the Valentine's Day Special. Log on to www.bodypower.com/generationiron2 and book your tickets now. No need to purchase Ticket...

3 Awesome Reasons to Buy a BodyPower Gold Ticket

It’s the New Year and you’ve decided this is the year you’re going to achieve your dream physique. If you’re wondering how to stay...

WATCH: The Chronicles of King Kai (Documentary)

The Short Film Documentary is a behind the scenes, over the shoulder look at the development of a colorful metaphoric narrative titled "The Chronicles...

WATCH: Generation Iron 2 Teaser – Kai Greene

The first preview of the new film Generation Iron 2 has been released. The very small 30 second clip features Kai Greene The Predator Rises… Greatness isn’t...

WATCH: Kai Greene trains in Italy at Viktory Gym

While in Italy Kai Greene wasted no time and put in a great training session at Viktory Gym.