Kai Greene - Stranger Things Series

Kai Greene – Stranger Things Series

Kai Greene has been climbing up the ladder of success step by step since he decided to concentrate less on the bodybuilding stage and more on his personal challenges.

Kai is a fantastic comic book author and artist releasing his series ‘The chronicles of King Kai‘ as well he has landed a number of roles with ESPN on their weekly NFL show.

As well Kai has also worked on a film that is still to be released in the beginning of 2017.

Now Kai Greene has finally managed to land a part on the small screen. Kai will be appearing on the popular Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’.

Our friends over at Generationiron.com were the first to break the news and this is what was reported:

We’ve kept it quiet for some time but can finally announce it… Kai Greene appears in multiple episodes  on the second season of the Netflix hit show, Stranger Things.

It’s no secret that through Generation Iron’s management – Kai Greene was able to land representation through The Gersh Agency. This was a big moment for the bodybuilder and for the industry as a whole… further bridging the gap between Hollywood mainstream and the bodybuilding industry. Through these two powerhouse companies, the talented bodybuilder and artist was able to snag this opportunity to appear on one of the most popular Netflix shows to ever hit the streaming network.

With a dedication to bringing about the dreams of these great athletes, Generation Iron hopes that Kai Greene and the other athletes under the brand are able to obtain other great opportunities like this one.

Stranger Things season two is set to premiere at midnight, October 27 exclusively on Netflix. Catch Kai Greene in the very first episode!

We wish Kai Greene the best of luck with his new adventure… but we still would like to see him step on the bodybuilding stage again!!