IFBB Mr. Universe returns

The IFBB Mr. Universe contest returns after 44 years.

The IFBB have recently announced that they have added the IFBB Mr. Universe contest to their contest calendar after a 44 year absence.

The history of the Mr. Universe contest can be very complicated for many in the industry as the name ‘Mr. Universe’ has been used by a number of other associations.

The name ‘Mr. Universe’ has been used by a number of associations, but the biggest two would be the IFBB and NABBA.

The History

NABBA has been organizing the Mr. Universe contest since 1948 till 2019, with the 2020 edition unfortunately being cancelled due to the Covid-19 restrictions. The NABBA version of this event has absolutely no association with the IFBB’s Mr. Universe event.

The IFBB organized their first IFBB Mr. Universe contest in 1959. The name ‘Mr. Universe’ would be used by the IFBB until 1977. Bodybuilding legend Robby Robinson would win the last IFBB Mr. Universe overall title in 1976.

Arnold Schwarzenegger won the overall title of this event in 1969.

The IFBB would then decided to replace the Mr. Universe contest with the IFBB World Amateur Championships. This contest would become the worlds biggest and most prestigious amateur contest in the history of the sport.

The most popular bodybuilders from the 1980’s to 2020 have competed at the IFBB World Amateur Championships.

The IFBB Mr. Universe and the IFBB World Amateur Championships are amateur events.

The Pro version of the IFBB Mr. Universe was only organized for six years, between 1975 and 1981.

The IFBB World Amateur Championships is a contest that is still organized to this very day. The 2021 IFBB Mr. Universe will be a different event and will not be replacing the IFBB World Amateur Championships

Just to name a few legends, Lee Haney and Lee Labrada have both competed at the IFBB World Amateur Championships before turning pro.

The ‘IFBB Mr. Universe’ name did not actually disappear totally from IFBB’s history. If anybody had the privilege to hold the heavy IFBB World Amateur Championship trophy, they will notice IFBB Mr. Universe is still inscribed on it.

IFBB Mr. Universe returns
The 2018 IFBB World Amateur Championships overall title with IFBB Mr. Universe inscribed on it.

The Return Mr. Universe in 2021

The IFBB Mr. Universe will be added to the IFBB contest calendar in 2021, but it will be a totally different contest.

The IFBB Mr. Universe will return as a Pro event, open to IFBB Elite Pro athletes.

It was announced earlier this week by the IFBB that the IFBB Mr. Universe Pro will be taking place in Marbella, Spain.

This historic event will be taking place on 1 October, 2021.

Along with the IFBB Mr. Universe Pro, other events will be included such as Men’s Physique, Bikini Fitness, and Wellness categories. A total of $20,000 in prize money will be up for grabs for the Mr. Universe Pro while another $12,000 will be shared between the other divisions, bringing the total to $32,000.

The IFBB Mr. Universe Pro will be another great addition to the already growing IFBB Elite Pro contest schedule.

The 2021 IFBB Mr. Universe Pro contest will be an open bodybuilding event. This will give the opportunity to every IFBB Elite Pro Bodybuilder to compete for this prestigious title.

IFBB Mr. Universe History

IFBB Mr. Universe Overall Winners (1959 – 1976)
1959 – Eddie Silvestre
1960 – Chuck Sipes
1962 – George Eiferman
1963 – Harold Poole
1964 – Larry Scott
1965 – Earl Maynard
1966 – Dave Draper
1967 – Sergio Oliva
1968 – Frank Zane
1969 – Arnold Schwarzenegger
1970 – Franco Columbu
1971 – Albert Beckles
1972 – Ed Corney
1973 – Lou Ferrigno
1974 – Lou Ferrigno
1975 – Ken Waller
1976 – Robby Robinson
1977 – Full Results

IFBB Mr. Universe Pro Overall Winners (1975 – 1981)
1975 – Bob Birdsong
1978 – Roy Callendar
1979 – Roy Callendar
1980 – Jusup Wilkosz
1981 – Dennis Tinerino

IFBB World Amateur Championship Overall Winners (1977-present day)
1978 – Full Results
1979 – Full results
1980 – Full results
1981 – Lance Dreher
1995 – Agathoklis Agathoklous
1996 – Jeno Kiss
1997 – Ahmad Haidar
1998 – Hamdullah Aykutlu
1999 – Jaroslav Horvath
2000 – Serguei Dimitriev
2001 – Thomas Scheu
2002 – Jose Carlos Santos
2003 – El Shahat Mabrouk
2004 – Olegas Zuras
2005 – Dennis Wolf
2006 – Ali Tabrizi
2007 – Robert Piotrkowicz
2008 – Ali Tabrizi
2009 – Ali Tabrizi
2010 – Mohammed Touri
2011 – Sami Al Haddad
2012 – Salaheddin Abufanas
2013 – Mohamed Zakaria
2014 – Attia Shaalan
2015 – Abdulhadi Alkhayat
2016 – Behrooz Tabani Abarghani
2017 – Mohsen Samadi
2018 – Roshanzamirtabari Morteza
2019 –  Mehdi Arzeshmand
2020 – Aleksandr Martynkin

IFBB Mr. Universe returns
he fabulous Albert Beckles (England) Medium Class and Overall winner of the IFBB “Mr Universe” 1971. On the left of the photo is Giuseppe Deiana (Netherlands), winner of the Short Class and third in the Overall. On the right of the photo is Karl Bloemer (Germany), winner of the Tall Class and second in the Overall.

IFBB Mr. Universe returns

IFBB Mr. Universe returns
The HEAVYWEIGHT category: Roger Walker of Australia (center) was proclaimed the winner of this category, followed very closely by second-place Darcy Beckles of Barbados (left). The third-place winner was Karl Kainrath from Austria (right).
The MIDDLEWEIGHT category: First-place winner Robby Robinson (USA). At left is the second-place winner, also from the USa, Mike Mentzer. At right is the third-place winner, Ahmet Enunlu from Turkey.
Perhaps the man who surprised everybody the most was the dynamic and personable Mohamed Makkawy of Egypt. This champion was superbly developed to the ultimate and he gave an extraordinary posing demonstration. He won the affection and hearts of the audience. President Ben Weider, C.M., raises his hand in victory.
The LIGHTWEIGHT category: In the center is the great Mohamed Makkawy (Egypt), cut up and developed to perfection. He was the winner by unanimous choice of all the judges. Left is the second-place winner, Danny Padilla (USA); right is the third-place winner, Adolf Zigner of Austria.