Dallas McCarver's Official Statement

Dallas McCarver’s Official Statement

Dallas McCarver and Aaron Singerman talk about the incident in Australia with Dallas McCarver collapsing on stage.

Dallas basically just said he is sick and will be back. In the video Dallas did sound sick with a constant cough.

This is the official press release and video was published on Dallas McCarver’s sponsors official website.

The funny thing about this was that Dallas and Aaron continued to criticize Shawn Ray while they talked highly of Dave Palumbo from RXMuscle, Muscular Development’s number one competition. How will this go down with MD’s top man Steve Blechman?

Regarding plans for the future. The first priority for Dallas is to take care of his health. Then he said that he will try to qualify for the 2017 Mr. Olympia.

Dallas McCarver and Aaron Singerman put all the rumors and speculation to rest as they address what happened during the 2017 Australia Arnold Classic. No more guessing or thinking what happened. Hear the true story straight from Dallas McCarvers mouth!

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