Arnold Schwarzenegger's interview on steroid use

Looking Back: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s interview on steroid use

Today in the bodybuilding world, many pro bodybuilders and other popular fitness stars have taken to social media to reveal what really gives them that fantastic physique and incredible fast gain.

Please note, these athletes train very hard and follow a very strict diet practically throughout the entire year. We have nothing but respect for them.

Looking back at a interview Arnold Schwarzenegger did in 1977 a few years after his retirement, Arnold talks in the open about steroid use when he was competing.

Arnold did not hesitate to answer the question and admitted he used steroids 8-10 weeks before the contest to be ready and on the same level with the other competitors.

He also talked briefly on the effects they had on him.

This interview was shown on primetime TV at the time and looking back the reaction from viewers was probably at a minimum.

If the same interview was conducted today with the reigning Mr. Olympia, what would the reaction be today?

With all the controversy regarding steroid use in every sport on the planet, not only bodybuilding as people believe, would Arnold have the successful career that he had if he admitted steroid use in the modern day?

Hundreds of interviews are on Youtube with bodybuilders admitting to the use of substances, but an open discussion like this from such a popular figure in the sport is very rare to see.