WATCH: “I should have supported the dream of Olympics” – Flex Wheeler

In his latest interview with Patrick-Bet David, Flex Wheeler discussed numerous subjects in relation to his life and the sport of bodybuilding.

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Flex answered a number of questions in relation to his life and getting involved in sports, the psychological issues he had and obviously the subject of bodybuilding.

One part of the interview that was very interesting is Flex Wheeler admitting that he should have supported Joe and Ben Weider’s dream of getting bodybuilding in the Olympics.

Flex admitted that Joe and especially Ben Weider always had the mentality of a marathon in comparison to sprinting, when it was about planning the future of the sport.

Wheeler continued to explain that he had the mentality of a sprinter. He wanted fast gains to compete in the big league as he needed the money to pay for his bills.

At the same time, Flex admitted that he should have supported the Weider’s dream of putting bodybuilding in the Olympics.

Flex said that an amateur would have the opportunity to compete on the Olympic world stage and afterwards he would surely have been awarded financially with Olympic fame.

“I was wrong in not supporting the Weider’s dream of putting bodybuilding in the Olympics” – Flex Wheeler

With Flex saying all this, the dream is not lost and is still very strong.

The IFBB headed by President Rafael Santonja is still growing every year and the dream of getting bodybuilding into the Olympics is very close to becoming a reality.

IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja was recommended by Ben Weider to take over after his resignation. Rafael became president after being elected at the 2006 IFBB congress.

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In 2019, the IFBB had their athletes compete at the 2019 Pan American Games.

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In 2020, the IFBB already has plans for their amateur athletes to compete at various Olympic sanctioned events.

Having bodybuilding legends such as Flex Wheeler admit that the goal of bodybuilding and the Olympics working together is a great opportunity for amateurs is fantastic.

The NPC/Pro League and the IFBB Elite Pro league will always be there for athletes to take the next step to compete on the professional stage.

The Olympics is still the biggest sport event and having bodybuilding and fitness being represented at Olympic affiliated events is already a great start for the IFBB.

Obviously, to be able to work with the Olympics, the federation has to be in compliance with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) rules.

The only bodybuilding and fitness federation to comply with these rules is the IFBB.

IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja has already started 2020 with very important meetings with government and Olympic officials from various countries to promote the sport of bodybuilding and fitness.

The video below starts at 1:02, the exact moment Flex Wheeler talks about the Olympics:

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