WATCH: Shawn Rhoden exposes Phil Heath's weak points

WATCH: Shawn Rhoden exposes Phil Heath’s weak points before 2018 Olympia.

In a recent interview with Jay Cutler on Jay Cutler TV, Shawn Rhoden talked about what kept him off the stage and as well his feelings about the 2018 Olympia.

When Cutler asked Shawn Rhoden how he can defeat 7X Olympia winner Phil Heath, Rhoden did not hold back and believes this is the year for him.

When Cutler asked Shawn to expose Phil, he said “his front double bicep is crap, his front lat spread is crap, he hardly does a side chest and his front abdominal pose is not the best.”

Shawn as well did not hesitate to mention that he believed he should of won in 2016 and he pushed Phil heath to the edge.

It is great to see Shawn full of confidence and this is what the Olympia needs. Shawn believes this is the year for him and he is going into this competition expecting to take the Olympia title home with him.

When Rhoden is on point, he is very difficult to defeat and the only time other competitors get passed him is when he is off.

Rhoden has all the tools to defeat Phil and in reality he could be the only one that can dethrone him. Saying this, to defeat Phil, Shawn has to be at 100%. Anything other than that will mean Phil Heath walks away with his eighth Olympia title.