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Why electric bikes should be part of your fitness regimen and everyday life.

When the desire strikes to get out of the gym and into nature, there are few better ways to get there than on a bike. If you are in recovery from intense periods of exercise, cycling can offer a fairly low -intensity mode of transport that will still help maintain your cardiovascular fitness and keep muscles moving and limber.

The recent spike in popularity of electric bikes presents a great opportunity for bodybuilders seeking innovative ways to keep up their fitness regimen outside the gym. In this article, we will give an introduction to what makes e-bikes so great. We’ll go through how they can be of most use to you for your bodybuilding routine.

Versatile for Losing Weight or Building Muscle

For bodybuilders in a phase of cutting weight, cycling presents obvious benefits. The ability to choose whether or not you need the motor’s assistance on your bike makes it closer to a gym environment in many ways. You can always switch off the motor if you need a more intense cardio workout. When you want to just enjoy the view, or relax sore muscles, you can switch on the motor again.

E-bikes also can provide high-intensity interval training for building muscle. This is a versatile piece of equipment that should be part of your regimen.

Affordable Investment

It’s no industry secret that bodybuilding can require costly investments, especially the more serious you get about it. From gym memberships, trainer fees, muscle-building diets, and more, you’re investing serious cash—and you should be!

But that also means that you don’t want to pump even more money into activities that might be more of a hobby rather than a core part of your workout. E-bikes are great for that reason because they are affordable.

In terms of price, according to TheXFire.com, you can find ten of the best options on the market today for under a thousand dollars. When you take into account the kind of distances you can travel, often without having to pedal, e-bikes are a smart investment. You should also know that the price of charging your battery can be as little as twenty cents.

Going the Distance

Let’s get real—yes, charging the battery for an electric bike can take up to six hours. However, once you have done so, you can often travel over 120 miles on one charge. This allows you to plan trips to more ambitious destinations than you might have done on your trusty road or mountain bike.

Great for Getting Out of the Gym—and to Work

For those living in cities, electric bikes also offer all the benefits cyclists have long enjoyed. People who cycle to work never have to search and pay for parking. They can easily avoid the boredom of sitting in traffic.

Another clear benefit is that if you choose to ride it to work, you can escape the prospect of turning up to a meeting dripping with sweat. A recent study found that while 55% cyclists used their traditional bike weekly or daily, after converting to an e-bike, this percentage rose to 93%.

Approved by Arnold

If you were still in need of further persuasion, none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, seven-time champion of Mr. Universe, was recently pictured in Venice, California sporting a camouflage electric bike. Arnold has also been spotted riding it around the world in cities such as Melbourne while promoting the Arnold Classic.

Arnold has frequently posted pictures of himself enjoying rides on his Instagram account. Arnold’s choice is a Felt Outfitter. As someone vocal about environmental issues, Arnold also shows how this mode of transport has appealed to people looking to reduce their carbon footprint.