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“Coronavirus caused my blood clot” – Guy Cisternino.

Earlier this week, the bodybuilding and fitness world were shocked to hear the news about Guy Cisternino confirming he had a blood clot.

With so many deaths and health scares in the industry in the last couple of months, this is not the news we wanted to hear.

Guy is one of the most popular bodybuilders in the industry thanks to his great personality and staying close to his fans via social media.

Cisternino explained that his calf muscle was causing him extreme pain.

After having a number of tests at the hospital, Cisternino confirmed that he had a blood clot in his calf muscle.

Guy Cisternino recently published a video on his official Instagram page explaining his ordeal in detail.

“Follow up video regarding my blood clot
Ok guys and gals, this is the full video explaining the diagnosis, how it happened, the incidents leading up to it, and what to pay attention for. Also if you know anyone that had or has Covid19, this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT SO PAY ATTENTION!!!!” – Guy Cisternino

During his explanation, Cisternino revealed a very important point.

Cisternino confirmed that he was suffering from the Coronavirus and the blood clot was the result from a virus caused by the coronavirus . thank Cisternino for sharing this important news that can save somebody’s life.

We contacted’s Dave Palumbo and asked him about the relation between a blood clot and coronavirus.

Dave gave us his personal opinion: “This is something new they have just started discovering….and that a lot of the COVID problems are actually blood clots. I suspect that’s what’s causing a lot of the lung problems…. and kidney issues……..its causing the blood to clot where it shouldn’t be clotting”.

We wish Cisternino a speedy recovery and hope to see him on the competitive stage soon.

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