Eddie Robinson refused entry to same gym where he suffered injuries.

The ongoing story of Pro Bodybuilder Eddie Robinson continues.

Eddie Robinson suffered major back and neck injuries after allegedly tripped over the gym owners dog last August 2018.

Eddie was in contest prep as he was preparing to return to the stage and compete at the NABBA Universe Masters Division.

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According to Eddie Robinson, the owner of the gym has three dogs roaming around the gym floor while people are training.

Eddie posted on social media in full detail what caused the crippling accident and the injuries he suffered:

I have been asked 1,000 times how I got injured, so here we go! Below is a picture of Dave Lagree Gym owners Dog Bronson at Anytime Fitness CLW, there was 3 Dogs in the Gym at the time Bronson, Nalla, Ollie. Bronson happened to be right behind me in which Caused me to trip and fall ramming 250 pounds full force head first into wooden lockers that just about ended my life. I was knocked out cold with limited feeling from neck down with severe stingers shooting down my whole right side. When I arrived at the ER with Concussion and my C3/4 Disc imbedded in my spinal cord causing extreme pain and numbness in arms and legs. After 8 days in the Hospital with emergency surgeries I was able to walk again and left with hardware in my Cervical spine from the disc they removed and fused together pending knee, Hip, Shoulder, back and dental surgery. Today after numerous surgeries I’m suffering from nerve damage causing extreme pain in neck, shoulder, back, limited feeling in hands feet, breathing disorder from phrenic Nerve Damage now sleep with breathing machine, with daily headaches and migraine. Looking for some relief more nerve conductor Testing scheduled for December. Hopefully find area of problems so I can get some nerve relief. My days are scheduled around rehabilitation and lots of daily pain meds! I hate taking meds, never would, however if I don’t take pain meds BP spikes up to 167/110 it’s take pain meds or stroke out! I’m still in shock! I was 4 months out from the Mr. Universe @100% best health and condition of my life! To 8 days in Hospital Emergency surgeries praying not to be paralyzed for life….I have no Choice but to take the back seat and let Jesus Take the wheel, competing in Masters Pro Division was my final chapter of My life since I’ve devastated and won everything in the teen and men’s open division in the Sport of Bodybuilding/Powerlifting, now its over…. Jesus take the Wheel as I can’t anymore!! …Now you know what happened and current situation….. Eddie Robinson.

What makes this tragic event more serious is that when Eddie eventually wanted to start some rehab, he went to the gym where he got injured and was not allowed entry.

According to his latest post, Eddie has a electronic key so that he can access the gym at any time of the day, but in the last two weeks, according to Eddie, the key was disabled.

Eddie just wanted to enter the gym to start some rehab and collect the personal items he left there on the day of the accident.

Eddie left a post (29 December, 2018) that describes in detail of what happened when he tried entering the gym:

“REALLY” So I go to “ANYTIME FITNESS CLEARWATER” my home gym for 11 years hoping to start my rehab there? to see my friends again, To find they ”DISABLED MY KEY” as it wouldn’t work past two weeks…..WOW first time after 11 years! I need to get my belongings Kettle Bells, bands, boxing gloves and personal items that I left behind after EMT rushed me to hospital 07/24/2018 after tripping over owner Dave Lagree’s Dog that landed me 8 days in hospital and realized they had Disabled my Key unable to rehab or get into the Gym??? My key no longer worked all week when I tried as you can see I’m now Locked out first time after being There 11 years? I Spent 11 years marketing and promoting Anytime in all Magazines, Contest, Fitness Expos as everyone knew and have seen. WOW no words..(no Empathy) 11 years of daily smiles and good-mornings to ignore and no communication or offer to help? 
I spent 6 months in complete pain on my Ass recovering from numerous surgeries 2 months I couldn’t even wipe my own ass!! Finally time to try and rehab and they give me the the Boot and Ban me from gym disabling my key?? ? What kind of person does that??What would you Do? How would that make you feel?? First time key hasn’t worked in over 11 years? Not a glitch as I tried for 2 weeks … Thanks Anytime Fitness Clearwater! All I wanted to do was start my rehab, now I can’t even get my belongings very generous of you!! I’ll call and schedule clearwater PD to kindly collect my things as i don’t want to have my friends or clients collect my things for me making them uncomfortable. Just Wow…. Now That Hurt….I spent 11 years marketing this facility and Years building that facilities clientele promoting/marketing in all national fitness publications and sporting events as everyone in the industry knows….. I’m Truly Sad and very very ANGRY…That Being said, Anytime Clearwater you can Keep all my Kettle Bells, Bands, boxing gloves and
Mitts..& personal stuff that was in my locker..I’ll find a new home to rehabilitate when ready! Merry Christmas Anytime Fitness Clearwater! – Eddie Robinson

Eddie has stated on many occasions that the gym owners never offered any help.

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If anybody wants to help Eddie, his son has set up a GoFundMe account:
Click HERE to donate to his Gofundme account. www.gofundme.com/father-ifbb-eddie-robinson-medical.

One of the gym owners dogs.

Eddie Robinson posted on 30 December, 2018.
Eddie Robinson took part
Eddie Robinson in his prime was one of the most popular IFBB Pro Bodybuilders.