Female athletes sexual assault

Female athletes expose coaches for sexual assault.

The sport of bodybuilding and fitness is a beautiful sport, but it has a dark side, which a number of female athletes are exposing.

A number of amateur and pro female athletes have had enough of what is happening behind closed doors when working with their coaches.

These female athletes have decided expose the coaches that have allegedly sexually assaulted them.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net has gathered enough evidence that suggests these coaches have been using their power to take advantage of these female athletes.

When these women have allegedly refused to let their male coaches have their way with them sexually, the coaches have allegedly threatened them by saying they will never earn their pro card within the NPC/Pro League.

In the last couple of years, there was a lot talk about these sexual predators, but the victims were too scared to reveal their identity.

These women have even revealed the identity of the male coaches that have allegedly sexually assaulted them and many other women.

These male coaches are allegedly very close to the NPC/Pro League, this site is also informed that one of these coaches have been awarded by the NPC on three occasions.

What did these male coaches do?

• The male coaches have allegedly walked in on athletes when they were naked during tanning.

• The male coaches pressure the women to allegedly have sex with them to hopefully get better placings to earn their NPC/Pro League card.

• The women are allegedly continuously subjected to inappropriate sexual comments from the male coaches.

• If the female athlete is uncomfortable and decides to stop working with the male coach, the coach will allegedly force them to leave the gym and threaten them by allegedly saying their career is over.

• The male coach will allegedly use the power they have withing the industry to force the female athlete to train in a very uncomfortable atmosphere.

The consequences for exposing these coaches

The women that have exposed these sexual predators know their career is basically over in the fitness industry. At the same time, they are happy to get out of what they believe is a corrupt and horrible industry.

These female athletes have been getting support from the majority of the fitness industry, with a few still defending the coaches in question.

Since exposing these coaches, more female athletes have opened up and revealed that they have been abused as well.

How can the fitness industry solve this problem?

These brave women have taken the first step, but now, the people that run the industry have to take action.

Sexual assault by coaches is not only happening within the NPC/Pro League, but in every federation or association.

In this case, the female athletes that have come forward all compete within the NPC/Pro League.

The female athletes allege the coaches in question are very close to the top people within the NPC/Pro League. This could be the owners, promoters or even judges.

The people that run the industry have to listen to these women and investigate the matter. The safety of the athletes must be the first priority for every federation or association.

Evolutionofbodybuilding.net will reveal the names of the coaches and the gym’s in the near future.

All evidence is in hand…

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