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Flex Wheeler shares posing secrets with Antoine Vaillant.

Canada’s Antoine Vaillant has become a magnet to the stars as the legends of the sport have been giving him precious tips on how to improve in every aspect of the sport.

Antoine has been put through a grueling chest session by Milos Sarcev and a leg session by fellow Canadian Ben Pakulski.

Antoine can be called the ‘comeback kid’. From being on top of the bodybuilding world to defeating an addiction, Antoine is the first to accept advice to be a better athlete.

Just two days before winning the California Pro, Antoine spent some time with the legendary Flex Wheeler.

Flex is one of the best bodybuilders to ever grace the bodybuilding stage, and to have him share posing tips just before a show is truly a honor.

In his latest video published on HD Muscle’s official YouTube page, we can witness Flex sharing the secrets that made him one of the best posers in the sport.

The viewer can witness Antoine already improve thanks to Wheeler’s tips.

From posture to the importance transition between poses, these small adjustments can be the difference from winning and losing a show.

It seems Wheeler’s tips helped Antoine achieve victory and earn his Mr. Olympia qualification.

Flex Wheeler and Antoine Vaillant – Posing Tips


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One of the best thing about my bicep tear and my real struggles from the past is that now I really feel gratitude…. I don't just speak it I FEEL it. . . In active addiction there were moments that I had fun, but in reality everything was shit. I don't regret anything of course, but I'm glad this is all over. Actually it's never over, I have to be sharp on a daily basis to make sure I stay on the right path. When the high was done and the fun long gone, I was in so much despair and misery… the worst is that it was all my fault. Imagine the hatred I had for myself. In my eyes I was the biggest disapointment and I wasn't wrong. The facts were there. Just a fucking waste of a human being. BUT…. I knew I was meant to come back. Come back on the righteous path. It seems like it took a million tries, but I knew I could. . . You know what's great now? I'm proud of myself. I went from shame, guilt, disapointment and self-hate…. to being actually proud of myself. Proud and grateful, but I also remind myself to have humility.. I am aware that life can crush you in an instant if it wants to. We are all special in our own unique ways BUT WE ARE NOT EXCEPTIONS. Let's remember that. . . Thank you for the support everybody I appreciate! #integrityiseverything #hdmuscle @hd.muscle

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