Hunter Labrada's Chicago Pro

Hunter Labrada’s road to the 2021 Chicago Pro.

Hunter Labrada, the son of bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada gives us an inside look into his prep for the 2021 Chicago Pro.

Hunter Labarda has started his prep for the 2021 Chicago Pro that takes place 23-24 July, 2021.

After having a very successful 2020 season, Hunter is looking to qualify for the 2021 Olympia Weekend with a victory at the Chicago Pro.

Winning the 2020 Tampa Pro and placing eighth at the 2020 Mr. Olympia, is an incredible achievement for Hunter in his rookie year as a pro.

Hunter is not the tallest bodybuilder, but he presents a balanced physique that combines size and symmetry.

Trying to succeed in the shadow of his legendary father is not a easy task. The same can be said for Hunter’s very close friend Sergio Oliva Jr. Both Hunter and Sergio both have fathers that ar true legends of the sport.

As with other major contests that Hunter has competed in, he does not train behind closed doors. Thanks to his new video series, Hunter gives the bodybuilding world a inside look into his training, diet and other activities leading up to the 2021 Chicago Pro.

See the New Labrada Gym and watch Hunter Labrada kick off his training for the IFBB Chicago Pro. Plus learn about the launch of the Labrada Pro Series!
Be one of the first to enjoy an insider’s look at the fabulous new Labrada Gym in Houston, Texas, where IFBB Pro Hunter Labrada will be preparing for his upcoming IFBB Chicago Pro men’s pro bodybuilding competition. You will also get the details of how Hunter is splitting his workouts up for maximal results.

Hunter is preparing for the IFBB Chicago Pro – Hunter dials down with detailed instructions on how he works out and gives you tips on the Smith Machine. Plus Q&A with Bryan & Hunter.

Wow…the IFBB Chicago Pro is coming up on us fast! (July 23-25th) In EP3 Hunter tours you around the New Labrada Gym. Hunter then details his Leg workout. Also, follow Hunter & Bryan as they power through Push Day and we finish up with some classic Hunter posing.

Ep4 Hunter Labrada 2021 Chicago Prep Series – See the chapter listings below. Follow IFBB Pro Hunter through his Push/ Pull routine. Plus some Q&A at 30:48.

EP5: Hunter Labrada – 2021 IFBB Chicago Pro Prep Series – New Split Workout, Posing, and More!

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