Mike O'Hearn natural Levrone

“I believe Mike O’Hearn is natural” – Kevin Levrone

In a recent interview with Generation Iron, bodybuilding legend talks openly about his retirement, drug use and his opinion about Mike O’Hearn claiming to be natural.

Levrone is a legend of the sport and in his prime he presented a physique that would still dominate the sport today.

In regards to physiques, with all the experience gained throughout all these years, Kevin can easily see the difference between a natural and enhanced physique.

Mike O’Hearn’s name was brought up in the interview and Kevin was asked the most popular question related to O’Hearn.

Do you think Mike O’hearn is natural?

Kevin has been friends with Mike for the past 30 years and he believes that Mike is natural as he has always insisted.

No other bodybuilder has been as consistent as Mike. Kevin continues to explain that Mike has remained the same his entire life with an incredible work ethic.

Kevin explains that Mike’s weight hardly changes compared to a steroid user.

A pro bodybuilder’s weight fluctuates during the year and Kevin explains that you will know when a person is on steroids and when he or she is off.

When Kevin was in his prime, he only used to train hard just before a contest. Mike trains hard 365 days a year while maintaining a perfect diet.

Many people have called Mike O’Hearn out about his claims of being natural, but hearing these comments from an athlete such as Kevin basically confirms Mike’s claim.