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“I literally could not care less about Kai Greene’s antics” – Iain Valliere

Dan Solomon, the President & Chief Olympia Officer of the Olympia Weekend, has just recently released a photo with bodybuilding star Kai Greene.

Dan Solomon has recently visited the offices of Recon1, a company that has very close ties Solomon and the Olympia organizers.

While visiting Redcon1 owner Aaron Singerman, Dan also had a small meeting with Kai Greene.

After a number of years promoting his own supplement brand, Kai Greene was signed by Redcon1 as one of their star athletes.

Redcon1 was also involved with Kai Greene’s previous supplement brand business venture, but that project seems to have lost momentum.

The subject of Kai Greene and the Mr. Olympia has always been debated since his last appearance in 2014 when he placed second to Phil Heath.

Many argue that if Kai continued to compete at the Mr. Olympia, he could have won on a number of occasions.

Father time is not waiting around for Kai Greene. At the age of 45, his physique will definitely not be the same as in 2014 and he would have some difficult competition if he had to qualify for a place on the Olympia stage.

Again in 2021, the Kai Greene and Mr. Olympia saga has started again.

After meeting Kai Greene, Dan added fuel to the fire by posting a photo and writing “Visited with my friend Kai today. Can you guess what we were discussing?”.

They could be discussing Kai’s involvement with the Olympia Weekend as an ambassador or another related role, or they can actually be discussing his chances of competing.

On Dan’s official Instagram page, the majority of comments were all positive, but on the page of the popular Suleose, the comments were not all positive.

Bodybuilders react to Dan Solomon’s comments

It seems the majority of competitors from amateur to top pro bodybuilders are fed up with all the Kai Greene hype.

Top NPC amateur Nate Spear, started the debate with this comment “Dan Solomon seems to have these ‘talks’ yearly. The fans are fed up with Kai’s games at this point”. 

2020 New York Pro winner, Iain Valliere also commented on the Kai Greene situation by replying to Nate Spear’s comment.

“Ya, I literally could care less about the dudes (Kai Greene) antics at this point. Boy who cried wolf one too many times”. This was the response from Iain to Nate Spear‘s post.

The majority of amateur and pro athletes most probably agree with these comments.

Yes, it would be great to see Kai Greene on stage again, but the bodybuilding world seems to have moved on without Kai Greene.

The pro athletes probably feel that the focus should be on them. They are the ones dedicating their lives to stepping on stage in the best condition possible.

Should Kai Greene receive a ‘Special Invite’?

In 2020, Big Ramy and Flex Lewis both received the famous ‘Special Invite’ invite to compete at the Mr. Olympia.

Flex and Big Ramy both accepted the ‘Special Invite’ but unfortuantely, Flex Lewis had to pull out due to some injury issues.

Big Ramy managed to not only compete at the 2020 Mr. Olympia, but he ended up defeating defending champion Brandon Curry to be crowned 2020 Mr. Olympia.

A number of debates about ‘Special Invites’ took place on a number of bodybuilding’s most popular YouTube channels.

The majority were against such invites and even NPC/Pro League Vice-President Tyler Manion has stated that future ‘Special Invites’ will not be handed out freely.

Tyler Manion states that there are numerous Olympia qualifiers all over the world that offers many opportunities to the pro athlete.

If the athlete believes he deserves to be on the Mr. Olympia stage, he should have no problem qualifying.

A number of athletes earn their right to step on the Olympia stage thanks to the qualifying point system. They might not win a event, but competing consistently and placing in the top five, earns them valuable points.

By the time the Olympia Weekend arrives, some of these athletes might have qualified, but they will be burnt out.

These same athletes feel cheated when they see a ‘Special Invite’ handed out to an athlete that could have earned their place on the Olympia stage by qualifying.

But who has the last say about ‘Special Invites’? Is it NPC/Pro League President Jim Manion or Olympia Weekend owner Jake Wood?

The Kai Greene saga will surely not end as in previous years, but it is safe to say the bodybuilding world wants to move on.


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