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[WATCH] “Sandoe Story” – Featuring IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe.

Featuring IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe. Luke Sandow was one the UK’s most successful bodybuilders compete on the world stage.

Unfortunately, Luke Sandoe passed away at the very young age of 30 in May 2020.

Luke’s passing shocked the bodybuilding and fitness world heavily.

Sandoe was not only a great bodybuilder but he had a fantastic personality. Luke was loved for his outgoing, honest and funny personality.

In 2017, a documentary about Luke Sandoe was produced by JG Films – Film and Media Production House –

“Sandoe Story”  is a documentary telling the story of UK Professional Bodybuilder Luke Sandoe’s unprecedented rise from to the top.

From a top 6 amateur to Mr Britain and IFBB Pro making his debut on the most highly prized event in Bodybuilding; The 2017 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.

This documentary lets us get to know Luke a little better and keep his memory alive.

If you would like to watch more great footage of Luke being himself, log on to Fouad Abiad’s Bodybuilding and Bollocks.

The Documentary – Sandoe Story


2017 Arnold Classic Posing Routine

2019 Arnold Classic Posing Routine


Competition History

British Championships – IFBB, Super-HeavyWeight, 6th

British Championships – IFBB, Overall Winner
British Championships – IFBB, Super-HeavyWeight, 1st

Arnold Classic – IFBB, Open, 8th
Vancouver Pro Championships – IFBB, Open, 13th

Arnold Classic Australia – IFBB, 6th
California Pro – IFBB, 15th
Indy Pro – IFBB, Open, 3rd

Arnold Classic – IFBB, Bodybuilding, 3rd
Arnold Classic Australia – IFBB, 5th
Indy Pro – IFBB, Open, 4th
Olympia – IFBB, Open, 11th
Tampa Pro Championships – IFBB, Open, 2nd