IFBB Pro League published

Just a few hours before Christmas Eve the IFBB Pro League published a press release advising their athletes to ignore any communications from ‘other’ federations.

The ‘other’ is obviously aimed at the newly formed IFBB Physique America (IFBB Elite Pro League) that is an extension of IFBB International headed by Wayne DeMilia.

The communication (scroll to bottom of article to read) that is being sent to athletes is just a letter introducing the new federation. They are not forcing athletes to join. The IFBB Elite Pro League is just informing athletes of what options and advantages they have with the newly formed Professional federation.

The IFBB Pro league have been on a aggressive campaign to convince their federation is the only legitimate federation and it is the only one that gives you a ticket to the Mr. Olympia stage.

The IFBB International has formed the IFBB Pro Elite league which is already a success. Prize money is given to the athletes with hundreds of shows for them to choose from all over the world.

As well a point system for the amateurs enables them to win an IFBB Elite Pro card at the end of the season and as well a very good sum of money is given to them.

The IFBB Pro League is not the only organization that offers professional status. The IFBB Elite Pro, NABBA and PCA all offer professional status.

In the past a number of great athletes have come out of all these federations and progressed well in the IFBB Pro League. The fact that the IFBB Pro League and the NPC is looking down to other federations is starting to become evident.

If an athlete won the NABBA Universe that is a great accomplishment, so as the athlete that has won the IFBB World or European championships. Winning an IFBB Pro League or PCA show is a great accomplishment as well. All federations have to be respected. Everybody has their favorites and that is what makes this sport great. More options for the athletes.

The IFBB Pro League must not forget it was not long ago that they were trying to poach newly crowned IFBB Elite Pro Athletes with their letters.

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As the IFBB Pro League pundits have been continuously preaching they are the number one federation, they should not be afraid of  ‘other’ federations doing their business.

In the past week just as many IFBB Pro League athletes showed their loyalty on the other side of the fence numerous athletes have pledged their allegiance to the IFBB International and the IFBB Elite Pro League.

Every athlete has the right to compete wherever they want. The federations must respect the location of these athletes and if it is viable for them to compete with any of these federations.

This is the official press release of the IFBB Pro League:

IFBB Pro League published

IFBB Elite Pro league letter

Dear Athlete,
Hoping this communication reaches you in best shape.

We are pleased to contact you, confirming the new IFBB ELITE PRO calendar of events https://eliteproifbb.co m/events/category/elite-pro/ a nd IFBB ELITE PRO CARD benefits now available to you.

As IFBB Elite Pro athlete, you will have the following benefits:

– You have travel insurance which is included in the PRO fee, which will benefit you traveling around the world
– You are free to compete in all the IFBB Elite Pro international events with huge prize money and qualification for Pro World Championships.
– Of course, you are allowed to bring your coach backstage and in the audience zone.
– Medals and Certificates for all, in every contest.
– International Judging panels.
– Straight well known international rules.
– Fair judging from the best and most experienced judges in the world.
– A worldwide calendar of events with excellent prize money.
– Medical team at the venue
– IFBB Elite Pro license fee is 150 $ per year
– Some of our contest are paying the hotel for you and partner/Coach within competition days – See special info at each event.


If you wish to join, please fulfill the attached form to info@ifbb.com .