Official Announcement Arnold Sports Festival Africa 2021

The promoters of the Arnold Sports Festival Africa have published an official announcement related to the 2021 event.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is still causing problems all over the world. Many hoped everything would be back to normal in 2021, but it seems this is noth appening anytime soon.

With the majority of major bodybuilding and fitness events being postponed to later dates in the year, the promoters of the Arnold Sports Festival Africa had to follow.

The event in Africa will now hopefully take place between October and November 2021.

The event was originally advertised to take place 14-16 May, 2021.

This was not an easy decision for the promoters, but the safety of all the athletes and spectators comes first.

The 2020 edition of this event was also cancelled due to Covid-19.

As we get closer to the date for the event, another press release will be published to keep all athletes and spectators up-to-date.

Official Press Release