WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger's message

WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s message after surgery.

The legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger has went to his social media to send a message to all his fans and friends after major heart surgery.

The 70-year-old star went to the hospital for an experimental procedure to replace a catheter valve. Allegedly, he developed complications during the somewhat experimental replacement and doctors quickly decided to perform open-heart surgery. Fortunately, the surgeons were prepared for this.

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Arnold gave his message while playing one of his favorite games, chess.

Arnold did sound a little weak, but this is expected after such a surgery. He said that he is feeling good but not great yet.

Arnold is surely under the best supervision and we will see him back doing what he loves very soon.

We wish Arnold all the best and a speedy recovery!!

WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger's message