Arnold Schwarzenegger undergoes emergency open-heart surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s message after heart surgery.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had to undergo heart surgery last week.

The 70-year-old star went to the hospital for an experimental procedure to replace a catheter valve. Allegedly, he developed complications during the somewhat experimental replacement and doctors quickly decided to perform open-heart surgery. Fortunately, the surgeons were prepared for this.

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Today (2 April, 2018), Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a message on all his official social media pages to thank his friends and fans for all their support.

Arnold was not expecting the major surgery he received, but he is thankful everything went well.

Arnold’s message:

schwarzeneggerIt’s true: I’m back! I went to sleep expecting to wake up with a small incision and woke up with a big one – but guess what? I woke up, and that’s something to be thankful for. Thank you to the doctors & nurses. And I’m truly filled with gratitude for all of the kind messages from all of you.