2019 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States show

WATCH: Shawn Rhoden guest posing again… What do you think now?

After so much controversy from Shawn Rhoden’s guest posing routine at the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro four weeks ago, Rhoden again has stepped on the stage.

Following Rhoden’s guest posing appearance in Pittsburgh, the 2018 Mr. Olympia winner was heavily criticized by Muscular Development’s Shawn Ray, Bob Cicherillo and others.

RX Muscle’s Dave Palumbo held back on his criticism because his best friend Chris Aceto and guest on a number of his shows, is part of Shawn Rhoden’s team.

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This weekend at the 2019 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States show, Shawn Rhoden again took to the stage for another guest posing routine.

This time around, Shawn looks to have improved slightly from his horrible appearance four weeks ago.

Still Shawn does not look anything like somebody who will be defending his Olympia title.

When it comes to promoting the image of Mr. Olympia, Shawn needs a lot of help on this matter.

If he was used to letting go of his physique in the off-season, he cannot do this as the reigning Mr. Olympia. Shawn should at least look in decent shape, even in the off-season.

As it looks now, the door is open for a number of athletes to take the title. As well we must not forget Phil Heath. If Phil decides to come back this year, Rhoden will definitely feel the pressure.

It will be interesting to hear what Shawn Ray and Bob Cicherillo has to say on this matter in the coming days.