Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden responds

WATCH: Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden responds to critics.

In the last few weeks, 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden has been getting a lot of criticism for the way he is presenting himself as Mr. Olympia.

It all started at the 2019 Pittsburgh Pro after he performed his guest posing routine in front of IFBB President Jim Manion.

As everybody could see, Shawn Rhoden was totally out of shape and did not look anything close to a pro bodybuilder.

He was criticized by many prominent people in the industry, such as Bob Cicherillo, slightly by Dave Palumbo, the gang at Muscular Development and heavily by Shawn Ray.

It is normal for everybody bodybuilder to take time off after a season of competing and training at the highest level, but the argument was not about taking time off.

The heavy criticism was about the current Mr. Olympia looking so horrible at a guest posing routine. Many argued that it made the Pro League look bad and it was a horrible way to promote the Olympia Weekend.

In a recent interview on NPC News Online, Shawn Rhoden vented his frustration about all the comments towards him.

Shawn went on to explain what he does in the off-season and the reason he looked the way he did at the guest posing routine in Pittsburgh.

Rhoden made it a point to say that he has a life after bodybuilding, meaning that he shuts down and spends quality time with his family.

Shawn went on to say that he will definitely be ready to defend and retain his title at the 2019 Olympia Weekend.

Rhoden is right in everything that he said in the interview, but it still does not justify the defending champion looking the way he did. It would of made more sense if he did not do the guest posing routine.