WATCH: Flex Wheeler update: “Amputee Life”

Bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler continues to keep his fans and friends updated with his progress, after having part of his right leg amputated.

In his latest video, Flex gives the most detailed description of all the events that led to having major surgery to save his life.

Flex is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to describing what he went through to possibly help somebody else.

Being in pain 24hrs a day is now a part of Flex Wheeler’s life, but he really believes he is on this earth for a purpose and he will use the opportunity he has to help and encourage others.

There are days when Flex can get out of bed and their are others when he can’t, even after his surgery. will support Flex Wheeler as much as possible.

This owner of this site Kevin Grech has decided to dedicate a entire section to Flex Wheeler. The new section is called “Flex Wheeler – A New Challenge

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