Silvio Samuel planning

WATCH: Silvio Samuel planning to return to open class bodybuilding.

Silvio Samuel is not a new name to the bodybuilding scene. He was one of the top open class bodybuilders in the early 2000’s.

After a difficult moment in his life, Silvio returned to the iron game in 2017.

When Silvio returned, he did not dive into the deep end immediately, he started his comeback by competing in the 212 class.

After about a year of competing in the 212 class, Silvio has made the decision to return to the open bodybuilding class. A division that gives him the freedom to return to the size that made him a champion.

For some athletes, trying to make the weight to compete in the 212 class can be a difficult task.

7X Olympia winner Flex Lewis is as well considering going up to the Open Class.

We wish Samuel all the best for the 2019 season!!

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