ultimate workout chest Seth Feroce

WATCH: The ultimate workout to build a massive chest by Seth Feroce.

Seth Feroce has become one of the most popular bodybuilders on social media.

Feroce basically has no plans to step on the pro bodybuilding stage in the near future. He has so much going on in his life in relation to business and family, that it would make it very hard to concentrate on competition prep.

Just because Seth is not a competitive bodybuilder any longer, that does not stop him from sharing advice and training tips on how to build a great physique.

Seth Feroce’s official YouTube page is very popular and it should be with Seth’s raw advice on bodybuilding, nutrition and life in general.

In his latest feature, Seth takes shares his knowledge on how to build a bigger chest.

The feature is split into two parts. The first part features all the theory needed on building a bigger chest.

Seth brings out his famous whiteboard and illustrates all that is needed for the ultimate chest workout.

In the second part has Seth showing the proper method of training in his private gym.

It is very important for the viewer to pay close attention to what Seth is saying. His theory is spot on and he explains everything in detail with no complicated terms.