E-Contest Official Results

IFBB International E-Contest Official Results.

The coronavirus has continued to cause havoc all over the world cancelling almost every activity.

The majority of countries have closed all public places including gyms.

All sport activities have been either postponed or cancelled, including bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

Not all is lost, the IFBB under the leadership of President Dr. Rafael Santonja have been hard at work.

In the meantime, the IFBB have launched a number of videos giving tips for home training, including a video from the President himself.

The IFBB did not stop by just publishing training videos, they have just launched their first ever IFBB International E-contest.

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The IFBB and Muscle & Health Magazine organized the first IFBB International Contest open for all the IFBB athletes that wish to participate in this initiative, showing their performance, flexing muscles and enjoying the passion for sport and the healthy lifestyle.
The voting was done by fans and followers who decided their favourite athletes.

The official results are finally ready with 28 athletes competing.


1st Place Alejandro Hernandez from Mexico

2nd Place Mohamad Arabi from Lebanon

3rd Place Jorge Luis Escalera from Mexico

4th Place Christian Pedrosa from Spain

5th Place Ali Malallah from Saudi Arabia

Men’s Physique

1st Place Basel Tayyan from Jordan

2nd Place Javier Maria from Dominican Republic

3rd Place Rannsel Santana from Dominican Republic

4th Place Liam Gol from United Kingdom

5th Place Hector Martinez Osca from Spain

6th Place Kurt Brogan from United Kingdom

7th Place Mohamad Haded from Syria

8th Place Roman Domin from Ukraine

Bikini Fitness

1st Place Christine Nielsen from Norway

2nd Place Amelie Trisson from France

3rd Place Anne Bulmer from United Kingdom

4th Place Laura Colledge from United Kingdom

5th Place Alesia Dukh from Ukraine

6th Place Zhangcan Sunny from China


1st Place Oksana Terehina from Russia

2nd Place Juyoung Cho from Korea

3rd Place Natalia Zhavora from Russia

4th Place Anna Hanzha from Ukraine

5th Iryna Domina from Ukraine

6th Gabriela Hejná from Czech Republic

7th Martina Sletsjoee from Czech Republic


1st Place Louise Roberts de United Kingdom

2nd Place Moonika Soot from Estonia