Phil Heath will NOT compete at Athleticon

BREAKING NEWS: Phil Heath will NOT compete at Athleticon.

So many rumors flying around about the new Athleticon contest in Atlanta. As always, most of the stories are from bloggers and websites looking for clicks.

The subject of who will be competing at Athleticon’s ICON World Classic is the most popular subject at the moment.

Robin Chang, the man in charge of promoting the event, confirmed via his social media that the ICON World Classic will be a invitational event. can confirm that Phil Heath will NOT be competing in this new event called the ICON World Classic. Heath will not publicly confirm his plans but we have been in contact with high-level people working with Athleticon as well as people close to Heath and it is known in those circles that Heath will not be competing in Atlanta.

This site has also learned that they will use Heath in their advertising to build interest.

Phil Heath in collaboration with Dany Garcia’s promotional company TGC Management published a video on his official social media pages. Even though this video does not mention Athleticon or the ICON World Classic, it confirms the fact that Dany Garcia’s company is managing Phil Heath.

Phil Heath will NOT be competing in THE ICON WORLD CLASSIC

This also confirms the fact that if Phil Heath is working close to Dany Garcia and her company, it would not make sense for him to compete at the ICON World Classic. The other competitors that would be competing at this event will surely view this as an unfair situation.

The lineup at Athleticon has been a source of rumors for months.

Dexter Jackson posted last week his final contest of his career will be the 2020 Mr. Olympia. This means Dexter will also be skipping Athleticon.

Current Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry will be focusing on defending his Olympia title and has no current plans to compete in Athleticon.

Another source close to the Athleticon team says bodybuilding is not a big focus for them and that most of the attention will be put on the entertainment and wellness parts of the plans.

The show is being organized by IMG and they are getting help from Pro League official Robin Chang in hopes of having a successful bodybuilding portion of the weekend.

One top Pro League bikini athlete says Chang has been trying his best to convince big names to compete in the show by using The Rock’s name with promises of Hollywood access.

Being employed by Pro League and NPC President Jim Manion and Dany Garcia at the same time surely is a conflict of interest.

While everybody in the bodybuilding and fitness world know all roads lead to the Olympia, the ICON World Classic should just be viewed as just another Olympia Weekend qualifier for 2021.

There are bigger and more prestigious shows than the ICON World Classic on the Pro League contest schedule and not one of the promoters put the Olympia brand aside.

The intentions of Robin Chang are starting to become more evident as the Athleticon event gets closer.

There is still no information about prize money in regards to the ICON World Classic.

With the Arnold Classic coming up, the rumors will for sure continue to fly but be sure will keep you informed as usual on all the 2020 events.

The video below confirms that Dacy Garcia’s company, TGC Management is managing Phil Heath. No mention of Athleticon or the ICON World Classic in this video.