WATCH: Rare footage of legend Casey Viator – 25 July 1978.
Finding rare footage of some of the greatest bodybuilders to ever grace the bodybuilding stage has become a big challenge.
So much footage is available to view on social media and it has become very difficult to find something new.
Thanks to a post by Roger Shelley on his Facebook page, this new very rare footage of Casey Viator posing has been made public.
The video shows Casey going through every pose. It shows what a fantastic bodybuilder he was.

Rare footage of Casey Viator – 25 July 1978 from Evolution of Bodybuilding on Vimeo.

Bodybuilding competitions:
1982 IFBB Olympia 3rd
1982 IFBB Grand Prix Belgium 4th
1982 IFBB Grand Prix Sweden 3rd
1981 IFBB Grand Prix California NP
1980 IFBB Olympia 14th
1980 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro 1st
1980 IFBB Night Of The Champions 5th
1980 IFBB Grand Prix California 3rd
1980 IFBB Grand Prix Louisiana 1st
1980 IFBB Grand Prix Miami 2nd
1980 IFBB Grand Prix Pennsylvania 1st
1980 Pittsburgh Pro Invitational 1st
1979 IFBB Canada Pro 5th
1971 AAU Mr. America 1st
1971 AAU Jr. Mr. America 1st
1971 AAU Mr. USA 1st
1970  Mr. America 3rd
1970 AAU Mr. America 3rd
1970 AAU Teen Mr. America 1st
1970 AAU Teen Mr. America (Most Muscular)
1970 AAU Mr. USA 1st
1969 AAU Teen Mr America 6th

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