Supersets for Building Super Size

Built by Broser: 8 Supersets for Building Super Size

After one has been training for a few years, manifesting new muscle becomes an increasingly more difficult endeavor. Since the human body has such a profound ability to adapt to stress, you must continually find new ways to increase your workout intensity, or hypertrophy will come to a screeching halt.

One of the best methods for pushing your muscles out of their comfort zone and forcing them to grow bigger and stronger is through the regular use of supersets. In general, a superset is comprised of two movements done back to back with no rest in between. The goal is to reach momentary muscular failure on the first exercise and then to immediately move to the next – again pushing until exhaustion is achieved.

However, there are many different types of supersets, as well as ways to fit them into a workout. We will now explore 8 unique muscle-building supersets that will help you get supersized – just in time for summer!

Superset #1- The Biceps Peak Producer

Alternating DB Hammer Curl/90 Degree BB Preacher Curl: 3 x 7-9 each

Why Do It: If the goal is to increase the peal on the biceps, the only real way to do so is by building the brachialis muscle, which lies underneath. This superset utilizes two movements that put the biceps in a weaker position for elbow flexion, causing the brachialis to work much harder.

Superset #2 – The Pre-exhaust Pec-Pounder

Incline DB Flye/Smith Bench Press to Neck: 3 x 10-12/7-9

Why Do It: Pre-exhaust supersets are those in which an isolation exercise precedes a compound movement. In this case we are using the flyes to pre-fatigue the upper chest before moving to presses to the neck, which allow the anterior delts and triceps to assist in further frying the clavicular pecs.

Superset #3 – The Upper Lats Lasher

Lying DB Pullover/Stiff Arm Pulldown: 3 x 10-12 each

Why Do It: When you really wish to target the upper back, right where it ties into the armpits (to create monstrous width), this superset will get it done. One of the truly unique, and most effective, aspects of this exercise combination is that the first will produce a powerful stretch and the second an intense peak contraction. Together, this will ignite muscle growth.

Superset #4 – The Mid Back Maker

Face Down Incline DB Shrug/WG BB Bent Rows: 3 x 13-15/7-9

Why Do It: This pre-exhaust style superset will add tons of thickness all throughout the mid-back musculature, which includes the rhomboids, posterior delts and the mid-traps. When these areas are well developed it will make your back stand out in 3-D bold relief, even when standing relaxed.

Superset #5 – The Inner Quads Killer

Wide Stance Leg Press/DB Plie Squats: 3 x 7-9/16-20

Why Do It: For those of you who like more than just a little pain and nausea with your workouts, the Inner Quads Killer will certainly accommodate you. This double-compound (exercise) superset will build size and density through the adductors and down into the teardrops (vastus medialis), making your inner thighs rub together with every step. Who wants legs when they can have tree trunks?

Superset #6 – The Hamstring Hammerer

Seated Leg Curl/Stiff Leg BB Good Morning: 3 x 7-9/13-15

Why Do It: When seeking to build full, thick and sweeping hamstrings one must include both knee flexion and hip extensions exercises in their program. This superset begins with flexion, and follows with an extension movement, to completely bombard all fibers within the hamstring musculature. Additionally, the intense contractions brought about by leg curls, coupled with the powerful stretch provided by stiff leg good mornings, will create a strong anabolic signal.

Superset #7 – The Triceps Long Head Thrasher

Incline Two Arms Overhead BB Ext/Bent Overhead Cable Rope Ext: 3 x 10-12/7-9

Why Do It: The long head of the triceps is the largest, and thus will add the most mass to the upper arm. So, if you want to truly stretch the measuring tape then you want to maximize the thickness of this area. Any triceps extension movement performed with the elbows up by the ears intensifies the stretch and most strongly stimulates long head fibers. This superset gives you the perfect combination of exercises and takes advantage of both free weight and cables.

Superset #8 – The Lateral Delt Destroyer

Shoulder Wide Grip Cable Upright Row/Seated DB Side Lateral: 3 x 4-6/10-12

Why Do It: If you want to get so wide that it becomes a challenge to fit through most doorways, then it is imperative that you focus on building the lateral head of the deltoid. This post-activation superset (heavy compound exercise followed by higher rep isolation movement) forces the medial shoulder heads to work extra hard, and gets all sets of fast twitch fibers to fire until exhaustion.

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