flex wheeler recovery gym

WATCH: Flex Wheeler continues his road to recovery at the gym.

Flex Wheeler has posted more footage of his training sessions to gain back his strength after having major surgery.

The bodybuilding legend had to unfortunately have part of his right leg amputated.

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Flex explained that he trained his triceps, biceps and shoulders to gain more strength so he can use his crutches better.

The full post from Flex Wheeler 13 December, 2019:

Second day training in the gym. First time training at this amazing club @kilo.vegas Training some tris, bis and shoulders. Trying to build up my upper body strength so I can more safely use my crutches and wheelchair. Meanwhile check out this fabulous gym @kilo.vegas.

We wish Flex Wheeler the best in his recovery and we at Evolutionofbodybuilding.net believe that Flex will continue to contribute to the bodybuilding and fitness world.